• Driving early and safe return to work outcomes, and assisting with new job pathways.

  • We assist our veterans with re-integration back into civilian life.

  • We promote positive health and well being, and independent living. We enable our clients to engage in meaningful activities.

At Working Rehab we pride ourselves on our proactive, timely and evidenced based allied health assessments and workplace rehabilitation.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss our services, please Contact us.

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Allied Health Services

Activities of daily living assessments
Driving assessments
Independent clinical assessments
Home modifications
Aids & equipment provision
Ergonomic assessments




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Workplace Rehabilitation

Return to work services
Worksite assessments
Functional capacity evaluations
Manual handling training
Vocational counselling 
Labour market analysis
Job analysis / job dictionary


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Employer Services

Pre-employment medical assessments
Drug and alcohol testing
Clinical assessment
Functional capacity assessments
Risk assessments