About Us

At Working Rehab our consultants have extensive experience working across occupational health, rehabilitation, disability services, and medicolegal sectors. We bring together diverse skills, knowledge and experiences which complements our team goal to be innovative, flexible and well-rounded in our service delivery.

Our team is experienced in managing serious injury and complex claims to achieve optimum restoration to the community goals or return to work outcomes for workers with an injury.  We work openly, closely and collaboratively with all parties involved  to ensure that the identified goals are achieved and the results are successful and durable. 

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Holistic Approach

We understand the complex and dynamic relationship between people, occupations and their environment. Human beings are multi-dimensional and in working with our clients we are interested in engaging and developing the whole person. 

Our approaches recognise the intricate relationship between physical, mental and emotional health.

We operate using the Person - Environment - Occupation Model. 



Why choose us?

Allied Health clinical assessment Independent assessment
Return to Work assessment Hands on assessment
Task and equipment modification Tailored goal specific approach
Manual handling training Evidence based practice
Conflict resolution Flexible work hours