Allied Health Services

Our expert consultants are experienced with assessing and managing acute, chronic and complex injuries and conditions. We provide detailed allied health reports or assessments to assist with the decision making process, in determining necessary supports, aids, treatment and rehabilitation to promote independence and positive health and well being for the individual. 

We provide a range of allied health services including:

  • Activities of daily living assessment 
    An activities of daily living (ADL) assessment analyses a person's functional performance in the areas of self care and general activities at home including: domestic tasks, gardening, child or pet care, and community access. The aim of the ADL assessment is to determine strategies to enable a return to independence with daily activities. 

    We perform ADL assessments for return to work assessments, the veteran community, disability services, medico-legal and life insurance purposes. 

  • Pre-employment assessment
    A pre-employment assessment is a screening tool in evaluating an applicant’s medical and physical condition, in order to safely perform the demands of the job role. Our pre-employment assessments are tailored to match the job specifics at hand. We use standarised measurement tools and clinical assessments and our reporting is detailed and timely. 

  • Ergonomic assessments
    Ergonomic assessments are also referred to as workstation assessments. The purpose is to ensure the workstation is ergonomically constructed to reduce the risk of injury and maximise productivity. All ergonomic assessments are conducted by our experienced allied health team. 

  • Manual handling
    Manual handling and stress on the body, are key contributors to occupational injury in Australia. In our manual handling assessments and training we review and ensure any job or task requiring manual handling i.e. the use of strength by a worker to pull, push or lift is completed correctly to avoid the risk of injury and/ or exacerbation. 


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