Dean Rossi

Managing Director and Occupational Therapist

Dean is a Senior Occupational Therapist who has been practicing in the vocational rehabilitation industry since 2008. From early in his career Dean was passionate about improving allied health and return to work services, and was eager to build a strong, dynamic and experienced team of consultants. In 2013 he started Working Rehab with a commitment to deliver comprehensive and timely service underpinned by evidenced based practice.

Dean’s clinical experience is extensive and specialised. His interests lie in Pre-Injury Employer Services, Worksite Assessment, Functional Capacity Evaluations, Activity of Daily Living Assessment, and Driving Assessments. His previous vocational experience has included Aged Care and Factory Work.

“…I am actively involved and committed to the continued improvement of the industry, with a focus on service, and delivery of positive health outcomes…”

Services provided:
- Return to Work Assessments and Rehabilitation
- Worksite Assessments
- Functional Capacity Evaluations
- Driving Assessments
- Activities of Daily Living Assessments
- Independent Clinical Assessments
- Pre-Employment Assessments
- Drug and Alcohol Testing